EST=Electrostatic Tweeter

FitEar EST is a hybrid type IEM combining balanced armature driver and an electrostatic driver. We placed the balanced armature driver as a full range driver and the electro static driver as a supplement to add the excellent mid/high sound. This removes unnecessary peaks from the audio spectrum and ensures a great linearity thanks to the electro static driver. FitEar EST delivers remarkable flatness and smooth audio reproduction you've never heard before.

Introducing electrostatic tweeter never use an external amp

Since the electrostatic driver requires a high voltage, an external driver amp is necessary. The FitEar EST employs a newly developed electro static driver with built-in compact step-up transformer that eliminates the need of a dedicated electro static amp. You can just connect your usual digital audio player.

Introducing new oval horn shaped stem

Our unique oval horn shaped stem first used in "FitEar Universal" is designed to provide superior isolation and well balanced sound quality using the oval horn stem that composed of an oval cross section and horn shaped sound port. FitEar EST UIEM employs an improved oval horn stem optimized for the EST hybrid design to balance a non-fatigue listening comfortability with an exceptional isolation.

EST Universal Features

Driver construction

A hybrid type design combining of a balanced armature driver and an electro static driver.


FitEar Cable 006(3.5mm stereo mini plug termination)

Accessories included

PELICAN Hard Case(black)

Mesh Type Soft Case

Cable Clip

Wax Tool


Open (Market discretionary price)